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Recommend a Teacher

At Link Education our staff list is built on recommendations

When we receive a recommendation we see it is another way of measuring our success as a company. We take it as a compliment when someone is prepared to recommend us to a friend or a colleague.

We are constantly recruiting teachers and support staff and have found some of the strongest and most successful candidates come through recommendations.

As our way of saying thank you, we will credit your account by £75  for every new teacher or support staff whom you refer to us and that we place in a school.*

*Terms and Conditions

To successfully qualify for your £75 credit the referrer must comply with the following:

The referral must be proactive and the referred candidate must not be already registered with Link Education, or have been previously registered and worked within the last twelve months for Link Education. 

Once your recommended person has worked with Link Education for a period of ten days, you will automatically be credited with  £75 to your account. You do not need to send a claim form and there is no limit on the number of referrals.

To recommend a Teacher or Support Staff simply click here or alternatively give them our contact details.

Remember, there is no limit on the recommendations you can make!

Since September 2007, our educational provision has undergone considerable changes. As a result we have needed to secure the services of qualified and experienced supply teachers and L.S.A's, often at very short notice.

Special Needs School, Bexley
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