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PE Teacher Jobs in London & Kent


Find PE Teaching Jobs in Your Local Area

Search and apply now for Physical Education (PE) teacher jobs in schools across London, Kent, Sussex, Essex and Surrey. Let Link Education help you find the job that matches your preferences and goals.

PE teachers are expected to drive standards and challenge every student to reach their maximum potential, as well as to be talented, diligent and enthusiastic teachers.

If you believe you are qualified for the role, start your job search with Link Education.

Why Link Education?

Link Education has over 15 years of experience helping applicants find suitable positions in their subject area. We have also been instrumental in helping schools find the best teachers for specific roles.

We have served over 2,000 teachers and 800 schools since we started, working in a wide range of towns and cities and across a variety of subject areas. Our excellent reputation over the years is built on consistent, personalised and high-quality service.

Benefit from Our Personalised Service

The needs of each school and each teacher are unique. When you register with us, you will be allocated a fully trained consultant who will take time to understand your requirements and will guide you through our recruitment process. This will help to ensure that when you are put forward for a position, you are the best person for the job and the job is the best role for you.

View our list of vacancies for PE teacher jobs today. If you have questions or concerns regarding the application process, you may contact us at 01689 878 565.


We have used the services of Link Education for several years now. The agency deliver a very high quality of service and the teachers supplied have been of high standard too. They provide a very prompt service and listen to the request carefully so that teachers are well matched to the class group needing cover. Link Education has a good bank of teachers to work with our Special Needs children. Knowing that I can pick up the phone and a good quality teacher will arrive at school on a Monday morning certainly takes at least one pressure off my shoulders. I have no hesitation in recommending Link Education to another school. They are a life line for today's hectic school life.

Special Needs School, Kent
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