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Useful Information

The ‘Useful Information’ pages on the left hand side provide valuable information on the following topics:


As proffesionals working in Education it is important to keep your skills and knowledge up to date. This page provides information on how to do so. 


This page contains a series of different Website Links that Teachers, Support Staff and Schools may find informative and beneficial to their Careers in Education.

Schools Directory:

Please use the search bar or the alphabetical list found on this page to view details of the schools and any vacancies. If you know of any schools that aren’t present on this page please let us know.

Preparing your CV:

Here you will find tips on how to perfect your Teaching or Support Staff CV in order to help you stand out to employers and ensure you provide all of the key information. We have also produced three CV Templates which you can use depending on if you are an Experience Teacher, Newly Qualified or Support Staff.

Interview Tips:

We want all of our Teachers and Support Staff to feel relaxed during interviews, knowing they look the part and know the key areas to talk about. View this page to make sure you are fully informed and prepared for your School Interviews.

I just wanted to write this letter to say thank you for giving me the confidence and opportunity to go back into teaching. Having not activley taught for four years after taking maternity leave I wasn't sure if I would be confident enough to go back especially with the introdution of the new primary frameworks and interactive whiteboards. However,the schools you placed me with were really supportive and the encouragement you gave soon got my confidence back and after the first few assignments I felt like I had never been away. I have enjoyed all of my assignments.I really appreciated the time you took to listen about the age range I wanted to work with,that I only wanted to start by doing two days a week and that I did not want to travel too far from home. I would most definitely recommend working for Link Education not only because as employers I thought you were very professional and friendly,but also for schools looking to employ agency staff I think you would do the utmost to ensure you had the most suitable person available.

Link Education Teacher, Essex
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