Support Staff, Kent

Position: Support Staff
Vacancy ref: 161056
Role: Nursery Nurse
Sub Subject: n/a
Region: Bromley
Area: Kent

Key Stage / Age Group: LEVEL 3
Duration: Long Term
Perm / Temp: Permanent
Start Date: 24-07-2018
Finish Date: 24-07-2018

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We have used the services of Link Education for several years now. The agency deliver a very high quality of service and the teachers supplied have been of high standard too. They provide a very prompt service and listen to the request carefully so that teachers are well matched to the class group needing cover. Link Education has a good bank of teachers to work with our Special Needs children. Knowing that I can pick up the phone and a good quality teacher will arrive at school on a Monday morning certainly takes at least one pressure off my shoulders. I have no hesitation in recommending Link Education to another school. They are a life line for today's hectic school life.

Special Needs School, Kent
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