Heatwave Weather Warning


Today the Met Office have announced the UK is now on Red Alert for ‘exceptional hot spells next Monday-Tuesday (18th-19th July 2022).

We would like to remind all of our staff members to take special care of themselves in the hot weather.

Please make sure to take care of yourself in the sun – we want to make sure all of our staff can enjoy the sunshine whilst also keeping healthy and safe when commuting and working in the hotter weather.


  • Drink plenty of water! – stay hydrated
  • SPF! – Protect your skin (use a high concentrate SPF 30 or 50) carry a mini bottle with you to top up throughout the day
  • Dress appropriately for work and the weather – we know everyone needs to feel comfortable in the warm weather however we also want to make sure everyone is attending bookings appropriately dressed.
  • Our Early Years staff members have their white polo shirts and can wear black leggings, cropped leggings or cropped black jeans.
  • Remember your sunglasses – protect your vision whilst commuting and if you decide to soak up a few rays during break time.
  • Remember your safeguarding – make sure the children in your care are safe and protected from the sun.
  • Shade – If you’re spending prolonged time outside try to get some time in the shade to prevent over exposure headaches and dizziness.
  • Pain Relief – Keep some aloe vera gel or after-sun in the fridge to soothe burns and keep some pain relief in your bag in case of any sun-induced head aches.

If you feel unwell due to over-exposure in the heat and feel as though you cannot work please remember to let us know as soon as possible.

Some of our client schools have already announced they will be closing on the hottest days.

We will keep you all updated regarding shifts & if anything changes next week due to weather conditions.